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General Discussion / Re: Tell me about your revenue stream from commercials :-)
« Last post by Rossau on September 19, 2019, 05:04:36 AM »
I have worked at five different cinemas in Denmark. In Denmark, only two cinema ad agencies exist, DRF and Fs2.

My five workplaces:
1. Big IMAX Dome cinemas that did not show commercials before the movie

2. The biggest Danish cinema chain that has it's own ad agency (DRF) and distribution system. In total this ad agency sells and shows commercials in 40 cinemas. Their distribute commercials on DCP's. I think they have around 50% of sold tickets in Denmark. They focus on both local and national commercials, with about 50/50 split.

3. Medium-sized independent cinemas with 5 screens. They use the secondary ad agency (Fs2), used by roughly 77 cinemas in Denmark. The distribution is done by sending a video.mp4 commercial-reel to a windows computer running LiveConnect, connected to the projector with an HDMI cable. Cues for "Loop", "Play" and "PAUSE" are communicated between TMS and LiveConnect. They focus on both local and national commercials, with about 50/50 split, but the main revenue from local commercials.

4. A small cinema with 2 screens, that also uses Fs2. They have a lot of cultural events in and around the cinema, that they try to promote on the big screen, by creating a homemade slideshow, shown for 15  minutes while the audience walks into the cinema.

5.  An even smaller cinema with only 1 screen. They create all their commercials themselves in a powerpoint show, converted to video, converted to DCP with openDCP. They update ones a month. Their main purpose to promote local business is to reward them as a sponsor of the community cinema.

Around 54 cinemas in Denmark sell and create their own commercial reels
General Discussion / Tell me about your revenue stream from commercials :-)
« Last post by Rossau on September 19, 2019, 04:28:45 AM »

I'm really looking forward to talking to some of you out there in the cinemas in the hope that some of you will reply.

The question is:
What can you tell me, and everybody else, about what kind of marketing show and technical setup you have at your cinema, region or country?

The reason why I ask is to get an overview of the commercial-content-type, the revenue of showing these and the process of getting it to the cinema screen.
General Discussion / Please give me feedback
« Last post by Rossau on September 13, 2019, 05:08:24 AM »
Hello everybody

I was wondering if anybody here would like to give me some feedback on my DCP content at

If you like to test out, I will give away a month free trial if you in return give me your honest and brutal feedback  ;D

Have a good day
And thank you in advance

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: Mismatch in optional length element
« Last post by darklover on April 08, 2019, 11:21:57 AM »
If you use Filezilla to download your DCP , you have to change your
ftp program to binary transfer
1.   Open your Filezilla ftp program.
2.   Select "Edit" and click "Settings" from the drop Box.
3.   In the "Select page:" box, under "Transfers", click "File Types".
4.   In the "Default transfer type" section, select the "Binary" radio button. Click OK.

your xml files have been interpreted as text files.
But the ends of lines are under:
windows (2 bytes): CR + LF
osx: (1 byte): CR
linux: (1 byte): LF

some xml files also have bytes at first: Byte order Mark, not the text files.
Digital Cinema Packages / Mismatch in optional length element
« Last post by hdvprojection on April 04, 2019, 04:50:42 PM »
Something odd has happened twice now with two separate projects. I create a DCP, run a check on it, and all is good. This gets copied over to a shared vault, from which someone grabs it and makes thumb drive copies from it, but now it is corrupted. Normally when this has happened (and even this is rare), there is a hash size mismatch on one of the mxf files. Now, twice in as many days, the problem has been with the character count inside the CPL and PKL.

Code: [Select]
Error: AM f2c339a0-a7aa-436c-b0d9-17c4af2593be: Mismatch in optional Length element: Asset: ccc8a2e9-fec0-446a-b47b-62ddc55e5eaf: Listed length: 1402 (1.4 KB) Asset on medium: 1435 (1.4 KB)
 Error: AM f2c339a0-a7aa-436c-b0d9-17c4af2593be: Mismatch in optional Length element: Asset: ff3e3c45-b4e2-424a-a62a-cf3b23e224c1: Listed length: 1738 (1.7 KB) Asset on medium: 1778 (1.7 KB)
 Error: PKL ccc8a2e9-fec0-446a-b47b-62ddc55e5eaf: Size mismatch: ff3e3c45-b4e2-424a-a62a-cf3b23e224c1: PKL: 1738 (1.7 KB) Asset: 1778 (1.7 KB)
 Error: PKL ccc8a2e9-fec0-446a-b47b-62ddc55e5eaf: Hash mismatch: ff3e3c45-b4e2-424a-a62a-cf3b23e224c1: PKL: boqrR69Yeao5GnC+j5foY5NF6oM= Asset: YowsdOkHzMFSHHHyxDuq9RjkcQY=

But when I open the originals and the copies to compare, the CPLs and packing lists are identical. I'm at a loss.

I'm attaching the two "versions" of the CPL. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Please and thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Is dcinemaform dead?
« Last post by Terrence Meiczinger on March 21, 2019, 12:54:27 AM »
Unfortunately, I don't have the time or energy to fight the never ending stream of spam, so the forum has been running on fumes.
General Discussion / Is dcinemaform dead?
« Last post by hdvprojection on February 12, 2019, 08:51:56 PM »
Just wondering if everyone has simply moved on elsewhere, which is fine, but I'd like to know where they've moved to. Thanks.
Digital Cinema Packages / Re: Italic text in SMPTE subtitle
« Last post by hdvprojection on February 11, 2019, 04:58:41 PM »
What font(s) are you using?
Digital Cinema Packages / Italic text in SMPTE subtitle
« Last post by barend on November 29, 2018, 08:18:53 AM »

I've noticed that when I have italicized text in a SMPTE DCP (created using EasyDCP - with subtitle xml from Subtitle Edit) the character spacing of the italic text is horrible. I guess I should be loading a separate font for the italic lines. But I can't find good documentation on how to do this.

NeoDCP indeed states the DCP is missing character styles.

How is everyone else doing this? I've even noticed it on some commercial releases.

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: dcp_inspect no longer installable
« Last post by hdvprojection on October 16, 2018, 05:00:29 PM »
Just following up on this. Does anyone know why openjpeg would not be downloading and installing when I update digital cinema tools?

Code: [Select]
There were errors:
Error: openjpeg: Failed to download tarball. Try again later
Error: Failed to extract tarball at /home/ricardo/.digital_cinema_tools/.lib/openjpeg

digital-cinema-tools-setup: Done
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