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Author Topic: xml validation glitches  (Read 3249 times)


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xml validation glitches
« on: May 01, 2011, 02:01:55 PM »

Using schema-check (source code in the DCI spec), I have validated the files output by open dcp 0.19 against the reference documents.

Here are the reference documents :
Interop :
Assetmap :
Cpl :
Pkl :

Smpte : (files built by myself from code found in the smpte standards)
Assetmap :
Cpl :
Pkl :

Here are the results
Interop : (opendcp_mxf -n interop... , then opendcp_xml...)
Assetmap : <creator> should be the last element before AssetList, not the first after <id>
Cpl : <ScreenAspectRatio> should be after <framerate>, not <before>
Pkl : could not validate agains the xsd, but manually it looks fine

Smpte :  (opendcp_mxf -n smpte..., then opendcp_xml...)
Assetmap : OK
Cpl : found a typo in the XSD, the UUID regular function is missing a dash. I've replaced the expression with the one from the Pkl xsd and it's fine.
<ScreenAspectRatio> should be after <framerate>, not <before>
Pkl : OK (after correction a type of a missing '>' in the xsd

I ignored validation errors such as these :
Error at file "", line 4, column 23
 Message: Non-whitespace characters are not allowed in schema elements other than 'appinfo' and 'documentation'.
 Message: Schema Representation Constraint: Namespace '' is referenced without <import> declaration
 Message: Ref element ds:Signature not found in the Schema

I was wondering if even such minor glitches can lead to failures in some rare occasions.

Also, I'm surprised that even though DCP is supposed to be all about standards, one can find glitches in the standards themselves !

What are your thoughts about this ?



Terrence Meiczinger

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Re: xml validation glitches
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2011, 03:23:36 PM »
The order of elements in XML generally doesn't matter except in cases where there are sibling elements. For example, ScreenAspectRatio can be before FrameRate. However, when it comes to Reels and there are more than one, they need to be in order.

There are plenty of issues with the specs that is for sure.

Re: xml validation glitches
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2011, 03:23:36 PM »