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General Discussion / DCP with multiple reels
« on: January 16, 2014, 07:46:43 AM »
Hi i want to make a DCP with multiple short reels 4-10 minutes in length, all accessing the same picture elements all starting at frame 0 but exiting at different frame numbers. The Audio tracks will be different for each reel.

It doesn't seem that open DCP can support multiple reels yet, and the command line version apparently could but isn't on the download page any more.

Incidentally the 0.29 64bit win installer for open dcp still crashes! I'm having to use the 32bit version on my win7 x64 machine. Has development work on this project stopped?

OpenDCP / Force re-calculation of packing list
« on: December 11, 2011, 05:53:58 AM »
Hi Terrence,

Is there a means of forcing OpenDCP to recalculate the pkl hash, asset map and volindex after a manual edit of the CPL. Reason for this is i want to add cine-canvas subtitles to my DCP but when i modify the CPL to add the references to the  subtitles the server says that the content is corrupt or elements are  missing. I think its simply because the hash for the CPL no longer matches the value in the packing list.

I prefer to use the gui version.

OpenDCP / Re: DCP problems with Dolby DSS100
« on: September 14, 2011, 06:39:13 PM »
To find out firmware version on a Dolby server, right  click the Dolby  logo in the bottom left of the show manager screen. a good current  firmware is 4.2.1-3b there is 4.3 but it doesn't offer many new features.

I have found some small usb powered drives do work on dss100 provided they have short (6")  USB cables. Put a longer one on and the drive won't spin up.  I have a Western Digital 3200MER USB powered drive which i use regrulaly on DSS100 & 200's without any problems as long as i use the short cable supplyed with it..

Equipment / Re: separate subtitle DLP
« on: July 19, 2011, 04:25:20 AM »
Hi the Dolby DSS200 does have a liner time code output its the third BNC connector below HDsdi 2, the DSP100 also has a time code output on a 9pin D connector. It outputs in hours minutes and seconds for the duration of the DCP playing.

It would be totally uneconomical to do a special DCP with Khmer subs. Film festivals use the LTC outpout to synch up a seprate subtitle projector below the screen so that a second language sububtitle can be displayed, it can also used to play a simultaionus translation/audio discription.

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: Does a DCP with one 95 min reel work?
« on: July 01, 2011, 06:40:02 AM »
I recently converted a film that had been shot and edited on HDcam into a single reel DCP for playing at the recent Glastonbury Festival. It was quite straight forward 270127 frames and corresponding 5,1 audio t it was shot 25FPS but the audio was time stretched to 24FPS for the DCP. I first of all used open cinema tools to generate the XML files but it retuned an error so i used opendcpXML and it worked fine. Resulting DCP played fine on a Dolby DSP100 and DSS200, both running firmware version 4.3 I didn’t try it on my Doremi as playback at the festival was not going to be on that server.

The only issue with single reel DCP's i have come across is when there are cine canvas subtitles.  If the fonts files take up to much space then it can cause a memory overflow in the projector resulting in intermittent missing lines of text.

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: SRT to XML/MXF
« on: June 03, 2011, 03:37:29 AM »
Not necessarily.Though i can confirm what Wolfgang said. Subtitles can be added to content already ingested. We were playing Sherlock Holmes, and needed a version with hard of hearing subtitles, so we were emailed a zip file which i had to extract to a USB stick, it wasn't very big. it ingested in the same manor as a trailer. After a new  KDM was loaded we had a second version of the film with subtitles. i still have that email with the subtitle attachment. 

On another occasion we were rehearsing for a special screening with people from the production, and it was apparent one scene in the film had slightly the wrong shade of red, later that afternoon an update was  emailed in from technicolor which changed that one scene. it contained a new cpl and video, audio mxf's just for the scene in question.

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: Test 3D DCP?
« on: June 03, 2011, 03:16:33 AM »
Or alternatively ask the local cinema where you test your DCP's if you can have a copy of a 3D trailer. i have ones for ice age 3, avatar and Beowulf. They come on 4Gb USB sticks. They are un-encrypted. There are currently 3D trailers out for pirates 4 which i have seen.

OpenDCP / Re: creating audio mxf : Last frame read was short...
« on: May 25, 2011, 05:33:27 PM »
I use Audacity all the time for preparing my wav files for DCP's  particularly for the tempo effect for accomplishing the -4% time stretch with normal pitch  to convert 25FPS content to 24FPS in order to maintain compatibility with older servers that cant handle the new higher smpte frame rates. The 24bit switch is part of the Export/save screen under the save as  type drop down. Where you select Other uncompressed files, then from the options tab select signed 24bit pcm and Microsoft wav.

General Discussion / Re: Motion Jpeg2000 and DCP
« on: May 18, 2011, 03:12:37 AM »
I Agree, i thought motion Jpeg was a different video  standard based on the old jpeg still picture standard. There is also motion jpeg2000, that two is not based on the DCI set of encoding standards for bit rate colour depth etc, but a play back codec may be able to read a DCI spec image sequence.

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: Audio delay on DCP encoding
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:33:38 AM »
Its common knowledge that the audio delay in a D-cinema system should be  some where between two or three frames. This is to take account  the propagation delay of the video signal in the D-cinema projector. The 4 frame delay found in Doremi Servers is to long and is most noticeable in a small screening rooms where one is less than 40 foot from the screen. Its less noticeable in a larger  medium size room because one is used to seeing audio delay over distance in real life so one subconsciously expects to see some delay. In thousand seater rooms or more the delay should be set for two frames or the delay will be two great at the back. As a rule of thumb if the sound is one frame early or late, its difficult to determine which it is and is termed rubbery sync, because one is not sure if its early or late but looks wrong, If the audio is two frames early or late the delay is most obvious, and the direction is easily determined.

The  delay on a Dolby system is generally done in the CP650 if the AES inputs are used, or in the DMA8 digital media adaptor. if non Dolby D to A converters are used the delay can also be set in the media block, the default delay in dolby servers is 0mS . In all cases require the Dolby set up software for the respective piece of equipment is required, but setting the delay is easy. to set the delay in a doremi follow the procedure below.

Procedure to change Audio Delay on Doremi DCP

Following is the procedure for changing Audio Delay to 0. If you want to change to another value, just replace the number. This delay can be set within a range of -6 to +4.
From the factory, the Audio Delay is set for -4 frames to
account for 2 frames of propagation delay in the Doremi server, and 2 frames in a DC projector.
1. Log in as root and authenticate:

2 Confirm current audio_delay: Type: more /doremi/etc/
0/audio_delay(The factory setting is -4 frames)

3. Unmount flash: Type: mount -o rw,remount /
3. Change Audio delay to 0 frames: Type: echo 0 >
4. Reconfirm that the parameter has been reset byrepeating Step 2
5. Reboot the server. When the server has restarted,
the Audio delay should be set to 0.

OpenDCP / Re: Servers' compatibility of DCPs generated by OpenDCP ?
« on: April 29, 2011, 05:00:58 AM »
Well if you look through this forum i think you will find that in one way or another openDCP Jpeg2000 DCP's have been played with success  on pretty much all the common servers, Dolby DSP100, DSS200 Doremi DCP2000, DCP2k4 and the Showvault with integrated media block, Sony projector/server, Qube and XDC G3, i also have personally used dcp's i have created on those servers as i created some picture test charts and audio tests for use in checking out cinemas.

I haven't heard anything about using the kodak or GDC servers yet, nor have i run into of these servers here in the UK.

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: Unwrap MXF
« on: April 22, 2011, 11:26:13 AM »
Ah yes image is scope 2.39 or  active area 1920x806 but the container has to be 16x9 or 1920x1080 because thats the only size it can be for HD mpeg2 content. if the content you have been given is 1920x806 you will need to superimpose it onto a 1920x1080 carrier frame, if you were given a tiff sequicne then imagemagic is the one to use to prepair your frames. Are these adds destened for Ecinema servers for pre show rather than Dcinema servers? If so i now understand the need for mpeg.

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: Unwrap MXF
« on: April 21, 2011, 03:19:30 PM »
is the picture scope/letterbox in a 1920x1080 frame with black top and bottom?

Hi Terrence,

I was refering to the actual H264 video codec, not the container it was an opinion expressed by the mastering guys at deluxe during a discussion about vairous codecs vs JPeg2000. Its to do with the way Jpeg2000 sort of goes out of focus slightly when the data rate tries to exced the 250kb per second limit and h264 introudces more noticable artifacts under the same conditions. Why is the bit rate limit set so low, it must compramize the quality of 4k images even more. Espicelly as it now seems likley that i hike in frame rate is not to far away if the events in cine con are anything to go by..

Hi,  there are no plans for MP4 DCP's its not such a good codec. What you probably heard is that about a year ago the then new qube media black can decode H.264 and other windows media formats in adition to its role of decoding JPeg2000 suposedly the new DTS server now called datasat was using the same hardware. All it does is make the server a bit more versatile as it can handle Ecinema formats. Not heard any more about it so dont know if it ever made it into production.

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