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Title: Interop?
Post by: Lars_G on June 16, 2014, 11:04:39 AM
Good day peers.

We've just received the DCP of a very big movie production (outside hollywood but very large scale production), to provide several services locally to the producers.

This DCP was created in a very large North American processing studio, at a high expense (charge for every service), and the first thing I notice is the MXFs are in Interop formating, and the subtitles have been created as Interop XML+TTF instead of MXF files... and I'm wondering, why would someone nowadays do this? what are the reasons a large facility would choose such an output?

Any kind of real world feedback is welcome.
Title: Re: Interop?
Post by: Terrence Meiczinger on June 16, 2014, 11:39:04 AM
Despite the push for DCI compliance, most facilities are still making MXF Interop packages, especially when subtitles are involved.
Title: Re: Interop?
Post by: Carsten on June 21, 2014, 08:45:45 AM
If you follow the ISDCF mailinglist, you will notice that currently the studios and service facilities follow a cautious path from Interop to full SMPTE. It is thus typical that we have a mix of SMPTE and Interop features in these DCPs.

Bear in mind that released DCPs need to be compatible with all existing installations. These could be servers and projectors 7 years old with no or infrequent and incoordinated software updates.

Currently, the only 'real' SMPTE DCPs in the wild to my knowledge have been the two Hobbit HFR releases. Even those were delivered on separate HFR-only discs to minimize riscs. They do this because they can be sure that HFR-enabled projection systems are guaranteed to have the most recent software releases installed on both server and projector. It's a crunchy way to full SMPTE DCPs.

- Carsten