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Regarding the DCI Specification :
5.2.2. Packaging Fundamental Requirements Identity
The packaging format is required to support unique and durable identification of assets and
metadata using embedded unique identifiers. Throughout this document, the acronym “UUID“
shall mean a type 4 (pseudo-random) Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) as defined in IETF RFC 4122.
DCI Digital Cinema System Specification v. 1.2 with Errata as of 30 August 2012 Incorporated Page 37 “

at worst you can re-wrap with new software this dcp later if new servers would not accept it.
(ask your labo)

the software is opencube.
The DCP has been created in Nov 2012. The DCP is Interop
This is a valid uuid but not a UUID version 4,
what is your Software ?

I am validating DCP's for long term preservation.
I inspect all the DCP's with DCP Validator and I have this error:

CPL 78d48e40-6d38-e211-978c-00259001dd5a: Value of CompositionPlaylist:Id is not RFC-4122 compliant
CPL 78d48e40-6d38-e211-978c-00259001dd5a: Reel 1: Listed asset Id d6afef9b-6838-e211-8567-00259001dd5a is not RFC-4122 compliant
CPL 78d48e40-6d38-e211-978c-00259001dd5a: Reel 1: Listed asset Id ee7af89b-6838-e211-8567-00259001dd5a is not RFC-4122 compliant

What does it mean ? Is that a big problem ?

I also inspect with easy dcp player + and dont'have this error...


Technical Support / Re: DCP-O-Matic
« Last post by hdvprojection on November 28, 2017, 08:53:20 PM »
OpenDCP / Re: can't seem to get a flawless check with title name
« Last post by hdvprojection on November 19, 2017, 01:09:23 PM »
I always get 4 hints, and no, I don't lose any sleep over them, but I do find it curious why I cannot get rid of them.
Code: [Select]
Naming convention: 3 parts missing: content_kind, territory_rating, package_typeThe only one that is actually ever missing is the rating, since nothing I encode ever has an MPAA rating. What gives?
Technical Support / DCP-O-Matic
« Last post by hdvprojection on November 19, 2017, 10:17:38 AM »
I realize that this may or may not be verboten here, but I've tried posting to their forum and no one responds. Besides, I noticed Terrence's name attached to it as a dev, so...

I can't install DCP-O-Matic on my Linux box, only on the Windows side of it. It keeps saying
Code: [Select]
Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched "dcpomatic_2.10.5-1_amd64.deb. Unable to apply some actions, abortingThis would suggest that I've either misnamed the file in the install command, or that I'm in the wrong directory. Neither is the case, I assure you. I cd to the correct directory, and I drag-and-drop the file into the install command.

Has anyone else had issues with this, and how did they get around it? Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Open Source/DIY Playback Server?
« Last post by zalapatax on July 04, 2017, 06:58:58 PM »
I have also been considering building a DCP player for 2 small venues. I small auditorium (30 people) and a small theatre (100€).

I have been keeping an eye on these: Intel Core i9 7900X. This one packs 10 cores. But costs around 1000€.

I'm guessing the real problem is the software to play the DCP films correct?
I haven't been able to find any open source solution and the VLC attempt kinda seems like it has gone cold.

I can try to afford a computer setup for 1500€ but there is no way I can afford an additional 2,975.00 € for EasyDCP or the weird options from NEODCP which I believe the most suitable one would be the "Ultimate 2k" for 1299 € which only gives me a licence for 4 years.

General Discussion / Accessing subtitles from a DCP server?
« Last post by hmpws on June 23, 2017, 10:41:11 PM »
Hello everyone,

Is it possible to access the closed caption track on a DCP server (e.g. a Doremi DCP-2000) connected to a cinema projector? Perhaps through serial or network ports at the back?

I am still relatively new to this field of cinema projection but I am working on a closed caption device with better display technology. The local cinema chain seems supportive and has allowed us to do some testing there.'

Digital Cinema Packages / Re: 3D stereoscopic DCP bitrates
« Last post by Terrence Meiczinger on June 23, 2017, 09:00:34 PM »
While each "frame" might still be read sequentially by the digital server, they must be processed twice as fast. A 24fps 3D picture needs to process the content at 48fps in order to be able to get the images to to projector at the same time. So, rather than think of it as left/right, think of it as single stream of data which gets processed into separate channels. The stream can't exceed 250mb/s (500mb/s for newer systems) and the frame rate or number of channels within it isn't really relevant.
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